ICU Ventilator

MV2000 SU:M2

SU:M Series offer innovated economic and serceable for mainteance

Technically the ventilator is composed of mechanical and electronic control factor. The SU:M Series are as including much more technology of electronics factor,

The Program is not only for maintenancesupply economic maintenance with competitive and innovated checking program.

system but also possible to use of education of ventilation system.

SU:M Series offer innovated convenience
  • Possible to use within 15seconds after turn on
  • Selectable to use of Proximal Flow Sensor
  • Basically possible to measure of flow and possible to high accuracy flow with proximal flow sensor (external)
  • Useful setting with 12.1” touch screen and IBW
SU:M Sereis are applying with unique technology with enough performance
  • Smart PSV (Fast & Natural Flow), Fast Response Time, Anti-Fluctuation Algorithm, Sensitive & Stable Triggering Algorithm
  • PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, Spont+( Apnea-BackUp), O2 Stream, PRVC, tBilevel, AutoVent®, HFV(SHFV®,DHFV®)
  • PC viewer program
  • Optional EtCO2 and SpO2
  • Nasal Cannular for O2 Stream®
  • Hemo-Dynamics with Spo2 and EtCO2
  • Proximal Sensor
Benefit of EtCO2 option in Ventilator(Hemo-Dynamics)

It has clinical significance that the ‘output of CO2 per minute’ in breathing preservation. As mounting of EtCO2 into the ventilator, the current speed of exhaust and CO2 density are synchronized so that can get the exact output of CO2 per minute. It makes possible to monitoring of profitable information like various clinical inferences as well as sufficient breathing directly.

MV2000 SU;M2

Caution) This function is effective with standard mainstream supplied by MEKICS but impossible to work with side stream type.

Gas exchanging ability that is applying as major information of comprehensive Hemo-Dynamics.

MEKICS uses an EtCO2 mainstream type from PhaseIn Company of Sweden.

MV2000 SU;M2
Benefit of SpO2 Option in Ventilator

Through the SpO2 measurement, recognize the blood oxygen saturation concentration, pulse rate(heart rate), and perfusion index, etc. It makes possible to monitoring of patient breathing both stable and effective. Without extra monitoring, completes an essential respiration management system very simply. Using with EtCO2, can be used more perfectly of Hemo-Dynamic Monitoring function and increases safety of monitoring. The SpO2 module of MEKICS is high performance of low perfusion and the sensor is compatible with Nellcor then it is effective to use the SpO2 sensor by MEKICS

MV2000 SU;M2
O2 Stream®

Recently the clinical aim of ventilator is minimized of lung injury and recovered of spontaneous respiration. It should be deal with carefully that interrupt ventilation and assistance of breathing in clinically. After weaning by ventilation, happen to use the ventilator(or assistance of breathing) again frequent. That is necessary a method for proper and effective assistance of breathing.

The High Flow Therapy is suitable device for the method and it is contrived by principal that makes sufficient ventilation in the nasal cavity and upper airway. In this aspect, it is different from Nasal CPAP. This function is using with Nasal Cannular was contrived specially and humidifier.

MV2000 SU;M2
Proximal Flow Sensor in SU:M

The volume compensation is very important factor especially for the particular patient who has insufficient breathing. The Proximal Flow Sensor is a definite solution technically but it is not comfortable to use except the patient has insufficient breathing. And also it is not commercial viability as necessary of lasting disposable accessories.

Furthermore the pressure type ventilation is trending recently because an excessive of pressure and intubation problem without balloon in case of neonate and premature so the volume compensation is not necessary virtually.

Nevertheless it is necessary only for monitoring of flow and volume in case of lower tidal volume.

In this aspect, MEKCIS supply the Proximal Sensor which is selectable to use by user in order to maximize of convenience.

Comparison with other companies;

[A Company]

Volume compensation without Proximal Sensor;

It should be checking and calibration frequently so makes lower of operating capacity as well as big different of maintenance cost

[B Company]

Volume compensation with Proximal Flow sensor

It is not operating without the proximal flow sensor so it must use the proximal sensor that is inconvenience and also bear the expenses continuous for disposable using

MV2000 SU;M2

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MV2000 SU;M2 MV2000 SU;M2 MV2000 SU;M2 MV2000 SU;M2


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